Saturday Schedule

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Saturday Morning

Tracks 9:30 AM 10:30 AM 11:30 AM
WordPress 101 A Beginner’s Guide
to WordPress

Kathryn Presner
ABC’s and 123’s

Shauna Graham
Welcome to

Bob Tynes
Blogger Content Marketing
with WordPress

Andrew Schulkind
Getting the Most From Community Cross-Pollination
Ro Gupta
Getting Over the Hump and Pressing Publish
Andraz Tori
Pro Blogger Breaking Through
With Your Story

Kimanzi T. Constable
Catering to Local
John Crepezzi
Case Study:
Peter Hamilton
DIY WordPress Creating Killer Designs
Gregg Watt
The Power of Custom Post Types
John Havlik
jQuery, the WordPress Way
Josh Leuze
DIY WordPress WordPress Security
Brad Williams
Practical, Reliable Video Content Management
Reess Kennedy
WordPress for Nonprofits: Using CiviCRM
Dana Skallman
Education/ Nonprofit
Design DRY CSS – Theories, methods and tools for scalable Stylesheets
Jeremy Clarke
Alas, No Mind Meld: Designer-Developer Communication
Mel Choyce
WordPress Responsive Design Bootcamp
Sonja Leix
Design Intro to HTML5/CSS3 and WordPress
Andrew Christian
Responsive WordPress Theming
Jesse Friedman
More With Core

Andy Stratton
Developer What Would Core Do?
Jake Goldman
Making Plugins and Themes Disappear into the WordPress Admin
Helen Hou-Sandi
WordPress as a Custom CMS
Jason Paul
Advanced Developer Moving Beyond the Codex: Learning WordPress From Itself
Erick Hitter
Object Oriented Programming for Plugin Development
Michael Toppa
WordPress On the Command Line
Ben Doherty
Community/ Membership Rocking a WordPress network
Marko Heijnen
Membership Sites with WordPress: Paid Memberships Pro
Jason Coleman
Express yourself with BuddyPress themes
Tammie Lister
Scaling/ Optimizing WordPress Making WordPress Fly
Kenny Katzgrau
Customized WordPress Website for Small Business Owners
Chris Cho
Scaling WordPress – Cloud, Cache, and Configs
Scott Taylor
Multisite Multisite Overview & Case Study at The College of New Jersey
Matthew Winkel
Faster WordPress Multisite
Evan Solomon
Save Your Code: One Codebase, 9 Blogs with Multisite
Meeky Hwang
Social Media/ SEO Social Media and Social Movements
MaryBeth Coudal
15 WordPress Optimizations of the Top Media Companies
Frederick Townes
Increase Pageviews and User Retention in 3 Minutes
Neil Mody

Saturday Afternoon

Tracks 2:00 PM 3:00 PM 4:00 PM
WordPress 101 Basics on Managing Dashboard
for New Admins

Krista Gonzalez
Speeding Up WordPress on
Shared Hosting

Kevin Cristiano
Widge-WHAT!? Demystifying WordPress
Michael Gyura
Blogger The Secret of Hyperlocal Success
Hal Goodtree
Google Loves WordPress – Blogging For SEO
Alex Miranda
Adding Video to Your WordPress Blog
Cameron Waeland
Pro Blogger How Guest Blogging Can Make You Popular
Jonathan Goodman
Developing Digital Marketing Into
Your WordPress

Austin Gunter
Your First VPS
John Keegan
DIY WordPress WordPress Hierarchy and Custom Templates
Sarah Whinnem
Using Commercial Plugins
Brian Van Nieuwenhoven
Customizing the Custom Loop
Alexander Sapountzis and Jeffery Marx
Education/ Nonprofit Building and Supporting WordPress for Higher Education
Baruch College
Developing and Extending WordPress for Higher Education
Baruch College
WordPress for Teaching & Learning
Baynard Bailey
Design Using Web Fonts
in WordPress

Rindy Portfolio
Creating Custom Child Themes for WordPress
Tracy Levesque
Responsive Design for WordPress
Mitch Lance Canter
Developer WebMatrix: Uber Geek in Designer Clothes
Justin Beckwith
Actions and Filters in Core JavaScript
Luke Gedeon
Rewrites Review
Eric Andrew Lewis
Developer Killer Docs for
Killer Devs

Siobhan McKeown
Building Powerful Websites and Web Applications with Piklist
Steve Bruner
and Kevin Miller
Lessons From Making Millions of Websites More Accessible
Aaron Jorbin
Advanced Developer Debugging Common (and Not-So-
Common) Issues

Mo Jangda
Integrating with WordPress via

Max Cutler
bbPress – Simply Advanced Everything
John James Jacoby
Community/ Membership Supporting WordPress: Caring for your Clients and Community
Mason James
Build a Paypal-Integrated Subscription Site
Aaron Sylvan
State of WordPress
eCommerce in 2012

Coen Jacobs
Scaling/ Optimizing WordPress Jailbreaking WP: How to Move to a New
Hosting Provider

Chris Lauzon
Optimizing WordPress for Speed and Scale
Ben Metcalfe
WordPress on AWS from Start to Finish
Michael Bastos
Commercializing WordPress Selling WordPress
to Your Clients
Michael Clark
eCommerce Choices for WordPress
Jodie Barr
Can You Go Commercial?
Garth Koyle
Social Media/ SEO DIY SEO (using WordPress)
Melissa Cahill
Getting Started with WP, SEO, Analytics and Related Tools
Ron Suarez
Google Adwords and WordPress
Lex Dreitser

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