Save Your Code: One Codebase, 9 Blogs with WordPress Multisite Using Sub-domains and Sub-directories

NorthPoint has had many years of experience with implementing WordPress sites for many of the world’s leading organizations. Most recently, NorthPoint implemented a WordPress multisite for nine blogs for a leading, global media company – three of the blogs were created using sub-domains and six of them using sub-directories. Compared to normal, single installs of WordPress, there are more considerations to take when creating such a network of blogs for a large-scale project like this. Challenges include setting up the multisites for both sub-domains and sub-directories, setting up nine different looks using one theme, and setting up different plugins and social media add-ons.  This presentation will discuss the key steps we took to ensure a successful implementation, address the known issues with the configuration and installation of the code, and highlight best practices that we used to overcome these issues.