Sunday Schedule

Times are subject to change

All Day 10:30 to 4:00pm Workshop – Computer Lab

Hackathon – Room #3150

Hangover/out – Room #3120

Happiness Bar – Room # 4225 *Perfect for beginners. Get one-on-one help.

Sunday Morning

Tracks Rooms 10:30 AM 11:30 AM
New #5150 Using Git for sane WordPress development and deployment
Boone Gorges
Building Your First WordPress Plugin (Build-A-Dolly)
Brad Williams
Repeats #4220 Scaling WordPress – Cloud, Cache, and Configs
Scott Taylor
Intro to Javascript in WordPress
Daryl Koopersmith
Repeats #4120 WordPress Hierarchy and Custom Templates
Sarah Whinnem
Agile project management for small WordPress dev and design teams
Michael Toppa
Repeats #4211 DRY CSS – Theories, methods and tools for scalable Stylesheets
Jeremy Clarke
Debugging Common (and Not-So-
Common) Issues

Mo Jangda
Unconference #4125 OrderStorm Demo
Jodie Barr
Building Powerful Websites and Web Applications with Piklist
Steve Bruner
and Kevin Miller

Lunch 12:30 – 2:00pm

Sunday Afternoon

Tracks Rooms 2:00 PM 3:00 PM
New #5150 You Don’t Know Query
Andrew Nacin
Extending the Theme Customizer in WordPress 3.4
Daryl Koopersmith
Repeats #4220 Content Marketing
with WordPress

Andrew Schulkind
Rewrites Review
Eric Andrew Lewis
Repeats #4120 Triple your post frequency
Andraz Tori
DIY SEO (using WordPress)
Melissa Cahill
Repeats #4125 The Power of Custom Post Types
John Havlik
Express yourself with BuddyPress themes
Tammie Lister

Closing Remarks 4:00-5:00pm

Room # 5150

Q&A with Mark Jaquith and Andrew Nacin

7 Responses to Sunday Schedule

  1. Diane Jenkins says:

    what workshops are for beginners on Sunday?
    Thank you.

    • Steve Bruner says:

      There are no 101 sessions today. But I think a beginner would get a lot out of these sessions:
      -WordPress Hierarchy and Custom Templates
      -DRY CSS – Theories, methods and tools for scalable Stylesheets
      -Triple your post frequency
      -Content Marketing with WordPress
      -DIY SEO (using WordPress)

      Also, beginners may want to spend time in the Happiness Bar today and get one-on-one help.

  2. The workshop is for beginners and happiness bar is for everyone who wants help with their website.

  3. Andraz Tori says:

    The session at 2pm titled “Getting Over the Hump and Pressing Publish” would be more appropriately titled “Triple your post frequency“. I decided to additionally focus on specific question of how to post regularly and frequently. Come see it at 2pm 🙂


  4. Mike Toppa says:

    My session “Agile project management for small WordPress dev and design teams” is an unconference session. I’ll conduct it as a workshop to discuss issues such as:

    * Meeting deadlines and handling scheduling issues
    * Reducing bug counts
    * Producing quality work
    * Dealing with changing business requirements

    There is no magic bullet for these challenges. But Agile techniques can help you understand the underlying causes and put a process in place to start addressing them.

    This will not be a lecture – come prepared to participate!

  5. Cindi says:

    Did this schedule change? I made travel plans based on what I saw yesterday!