WordPress.com Beginner Workshop is full

Just a quick update to let you know the WordPress.com Beginner Workshop is full, and we can’t take any more registrations for it.  If you’ve been trying to use the promo code and getting an error message, this is why.

If you are unable to attend the WordPress.com Beginner workshop on Sunday, there is still plenty of content for beginners. We have an entire track on Saturday for beginners called WP101, and the Happiness Bar, where WordPress experts will be available to help you with your questions, will be available all day on both days.

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7 Responses to WordPress.com Beginner Workshop is full

  1. Tom Southern says:

    Oops! Is it true the Beginner Word Press Class is full already? My payment of $35 was sent to PAYPAL and accepted. What do I do now? So I guess there is no need for me to report to the NYC training location on this Saturday, June 9 and June 10, 2012?

    • The WordPress.com workshop is full, but there will be plenty of content for beginners on both days outside of that. There is an entire track on Saturday called WP101, and the Happiness Bar, where you can get help from WordPress experts, will be open all day both days.

  2. Darreel says:

    I just found out about this program. But I don’t see any phone number for contacting anybody to get direct info. Really odd for an educational program not to provide that option.

    Are any clasess being held on line?

    What about class location, time or size?

    Nothing much about classes still available.

    What is Happiness bar? Where? When? Comped drinks? How will I find specific WP experts there? Will they have WP expert badges?

    What happens if persons sign up and pay for specific classes and find out they are full?

    So how about a lot of better disclosure/transparency upfront like a real educational program?

    • In order:

      1. Sessions are not being held online, but will be made available online after the event.

      2. The class locations and times are all available here on the website under Sessions -> Saturday Schedule.

      3. The only session that required pre-registration was this one (the WordPress.com workshop) because we needed the computer lab from Baruch.

      4. The Happiness Bar is like Apple’s Genius Bar (not a drinking bar) where you can walk in and get help from anyone who is available.

      5. As I said, you don’t have to register for specific sessions.

      6. Not sure what you mean here. I’d suggest you check out http://central.wordcamp.org/about/ and learn a little more about what a WordCamp is.

  3. Rachel Greiper says:

    My purpose for registering for the conference was to attend the beginner’s workshop. I think the RSVP information should have been clearer (for us beginners).

  4. Rachel Greiper says:

    Sorry, I misunderstood the email I received. My error.