Sunday Schedule

WordCamp NYC is less than two weeks away and we are excited to bring the WordPress community together. Saturday is jammed packed with sessions and Sunday planning has really evolved to water everyone’s appetite some more!

We know it’s hard to decide which workshop to attend and which to forgo. For this purpose we have dedicated three rooms, with a total of 12 sessions, that will be repeated on Sunday. Repeated sessions will be determined by the room overflow on Saturday, so if you can’t make a session on Saturday, it may be presented on Sunday as well.  These sessions will be finalized Saturday afternoon.

We also have additional, and more hands-on involvement tracks:

  • will provide a beginners workshop that will run through the day, from 10:30am to 5:00pm – details will be emailed to ticket holders only! You must RSVP in advance for this workshop, so buy your tickets now to get the sign up information.
  • We will have two rooms, or eight sessions, for Unconference workshops. A  submission form will be posted on Friday June 8th will be available for you to submit your idea. Submissions must be in by Saturday at noon. Your submission ideas will be aggregated to create sessions that we will post on the website. Attendees will then be able to vote on and determine which presentations will be part of the Unconference series!
  • More developer sessions!
  • There will be a room for designers and developers to hack WordPress core, plugins and themes.
  • One room will be for the Happiness Bar to help you with your WordPress questions.
  • And we’ll have one room for those who made the most of the after-party! (i.e.: Hangover room)

We’re also working on a few other things, so stay tuned! Get your tickets today!

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30 Responses to Sunday Schedule

  1. Really Excited…Waiting for the day

  2. It is a good plan to repeat the session….

  3. Looking forward. I’ve never been to WordCampNYC or any other! Thanks for coming to NYC! ~Roz Fruchtman

  4. Chad says:

    Great plan to repeat overflowed session. Good job!

  5. Yasmeen says:

    Looking forward to networking and learning a bit more about wordpress @ WordCamp NYC : )

  6. Jane Schulberg says:

    hi, Dana. Am very excited about this. i’m a newbie to wordpress and can’t seem to figure out the logic of it. anyway. i have a ticket. how do i make a reservation for the Sunday beginners’ sessions

    • We’ll be sending all folks who registered for tickets an email by the end of the week. When you get that email, follow the link to register for the beginners workshop.

      • Jane Schulberg says:

        Hi. i think i did it right — coupon, $0, checked out with paypal. i’m assuming everything is all right. but is there a way to get confirmation?

        i’m really eager for this so i hope i’m not being a pain in the neck


        • Harry Katz says:

          Yes, same deal here… when I thought I was registering for the Sunday session, the email confirmation had a link to enter t-shirt, twitter, website, and meal info, but the link just led back to the Tickets page!

  7. Beth Soderberg says:

    The beginners workshop is from 10:30am to 5:00pm on Sunday, but what are the times of the rest of the sessions?

  8. Jane Schulberg says:

    hi. i think i did the registration for the sunday beginners session … checked out with paypal and it seemed to accept my registration. is there anyway i can check for sure?

    • It seems you missed the last step, once you click on the PayPal button to register, then scroll down below where you see: You are not finished! . Click on the link for Ticket:1 & fill out your details. Once you’ve done that, you’re registered.

  9. I’m newish to WordPress, and having been suddenly landed with the web work for the yoga studio where I teach, I’ve been going nuts trying to work out a) how to simply change the blog post heading font to something less insipid: and b) how to stop the Prev-Next post headings from running into each other! It amazes me how difficult such a deceptively simple thing like a) is, whereas b) seems like a bad theme design oversight. I’m really hoping that this conference will help us newbies who don’t have the chops (yet) to hack around dangerously under the hood … thank you!

  10. Diane Jenkins says:

    I’m registered…I can’t wait to attend my 1st WordCamp and to network with some newbies and most of all, to meet people that can teach me how to get my website up and running-“properly”!
    I can’t wait for Mason James to make this beginner happy with WordPress!

  11. Kerry Barger says:

    Thanks so much for organizing such a great event! I’m really excited to be a part of it.

    I just have two questions. I signed up for the beginner’s workshop on Sunday, and I was wondering how “beginner” is it? Would you still recommend to someone who knows how to navigate WordPress and make posts, but that’s really it? Just making sure!

    Also, this may be a stupid question – but it’s not necessary to bring our own laptops right?

    Thanks for the help!

  12. Shara Sokol says:

    Any chance another Beginners Workshop group will be created for SUNDAY? Bought a ticket and saw that it was full on Twitter.

  13. Aimee says:

    Do you have to pre-register for the Sunday session and if so how?