Tickets! Get your tickets right here! Seriously, this is going to be a fan-freakin-tastic WordCamp, and tickets are going to sell like half-off ice cream on a hot day in the Park. Every ticket includes the following:

  • Your choice of almost EIGHTY (80) sessions!
  • Two-day admission to the best WordCamp ever.
  • A personalized name badge with your name, twitter, website, and Gravatar.*
  • A super-cool WordCamp NYC 2012 T-shirt.
  • Admission to the after party on Saturday night.

*Make sure the email address you sign up with has a Gravatar associated with it. Gravatars will look best if the image is at least 200×200 pixels. Don’t worry if you’re buying multiple tickets; you’ll be able to assign a different name and email address to each ticket.

Don’t forget to fill out your ticket information once you’ve paid for the tickets. Without it, we won’t know what size t-shirt to give you or what info to put on your event badge. That’s it! There’s no ticket to print out, just show up after 8am on June 9th, and we’ll check you off the list.

Note to Sponsors, Speakers, and Volunteers: Don’t sign up here without your coupon code unless you are buying additional tickets. If you haven’t received your coupon code in the mail, contact nyc [at] wordcamp [dot] org. (Volunteers will receive their codes once the volunteer schedule is confirmed.)

Ticket Registration

Please note that we can not offer refunds for tickets. If you find after purchasing your ticket that you won’t be able to attend after all, you can give your ticket to someone else (by forwarding them the ticket link) or just consider the expense a donation to the WordPress Foundation.

Register for your ticket today!

58 Responses to Register

  1. Jason Kemp says:

    I just purchased a ticket for #wcnyc yay. I live a very long way away in Auckland, New Zealand but had to tick a box for state – I ticked CA as it is the closest to me but it is still 12,000km away. 🙂 No drama but having a not applicable box would be easy to add to your form

    I still have to fundraise to get there but here is hoping. Going to NYC is a life long dream for me – I expect there are others outside the U.S who will also attend.

    • As far as I’m aware, the state field should be optional. At this point, it could mess up existing tickets if I change it, but I will go through all of the international attendees info and delete things like that before we print them in the badges. Sorry about any annoyance! Can’t wait to see you there!

      EDIT: I just changed it for future tickets to show a textbox for “State/Province” instead of a dropdown, but unfortunately for existing tickets there’s no way to change it. Like I said, I’ll make any edits necessary before we print anything.

    • Joe Cool says:

      I think Hawaii would be the closest 🙂

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  3. Andre Costa says:

    Hi guys!!
    Just got my ticket! This is going to be my first WordCamp, and I am very happy to be part of this great community!
    Looking forward to meeting you all!

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  5. Mikel King says:

    I entered my info and clicked the pay w/ paypal button the page reloaded and nothing happened, which seems odd. I just want to ensure that If I go again it doesn’t charge me double…

  6. Jake Rutter says:

    Very excited to attend my first WordCamp with my wife who is a blogger!

  7. April Heline says:

    Will you be offering after party-only tickets for family traveling with WordPress attendees? I would like to buy a ticket to the after party with everyone, but don’t want to take a WordCamp ticket away from someone that wants to attend the conference.

  8. Just ordered the ticket and filled out all the info. Then I saved it and the page reloaded. Is there any ticket I need to print out? Or do I receive a confirmation with some info I need to print and bring? Or do I just show up?


  9. Sabine says:

    Love it already for the veg food choices!

  10. I am so excited about participating in the Camp next month. I have passed the word on to others. Looks like it will be a great experience! CAB

  11. Hal Goodtree says:

    Psyched to speak about Hyperlocal at WordCampNYC, learn from others and mingle with WP users from around the world. Read about CaryCitizen in the Columbia Journalism Review.

  12. Attending the Wordchamp,Hey finally going to meet the smart brains of wordpress…
    lucky to get the ticket

  13. At what time the session begins,I don’t see the time table and also at what time we should be there please post the details

  14. Jesse Morton says:

    I am interested in attending this event but was wondering where the times for sessions is posted? I would like to focus my time on the WP101 track. Can you point me to when that track starts? (Sat/Sun? Time?)


  15. Jill Carman says:

    look forward to this. Hopefully I will be able to improve my terrible website. Maybe I can learn somethings like adding social medial buttons etc.
    I am a “very beginner”

  16. susan says:

    I saw the schedule and read about the class content, but where do I register for classes?

  17. susan says:

    The 3 beginning classes seem very similar. Are they basically the same course taught by different teachers with different styles? I actually like the sound of the second tier courses. As a total beginner, would I be in over my head?

  18. Oops, looks like my comment didn’t take. Where is the ticket actually? The link I got in my email after paying $35 went straight to this page …
    Thank you!

    • Lynette, please check your email. I replied to you there. There isn’t an actual ticket to print out. We will be checking people in at Registration.

      • Harry Katz says:

        Similar confusion: I got the email, it provided a link that I need to check for t-shirt, twitter, website, and meal info, but when I tried to access the link, it just brought me back to the ticket registration site!

  19. I apologize – I just re-read the above and saw the “That’s it! There’s no ticket to print out, just show up after 8am on June 9th, and we’ll check you off the list.”
    Which brings to mind a good point about UI: a) with so much stuff and so little time, people don’t see every word and b) good idea to put it in the confirmation because of a).
    On a completely separate note, I have to get t-shirts made for the yoga studio where I teach. If they are local (New York), can you ping me the name of the screenprinter so I can support a local business rather than Vistaprint? Thanks!

    • Thanks for the suggestions. We are a little limited in the UI due to the nature of the plugin we’re using (and the fact that we’re running off of WordCamp Central), but I did add that line to the confirmation email as well.

      The t-shirt/printing company we’re using is Graf-X Unlimited in Brooklyn. They’re providing all of our t-shirt and printing.

  20. Pam Aungst says:

    Where is the after party? Is it at the same venue?

  21. Marjie says:

    I am psyched, hoping to migrate my commercial site to WP for CMS. My blog has been hacked so many times. Really want to go to security session,

  22. Hey Word Camp NYC,

    Just got my ticket! Looking forward to the event and learning a lot in a short span of time…

    Love, Light & Learning…

  23. Diane Jenkins says:

    when is the deadline to purchase a ticket? any coupons available?

  24. Diane Jenkins says:

    Is this event good for wordpress newbies?

  25. Peter says:

    OK, registering, but having a bit of difficulty figuring out if this is a one day, or two day event.

  26. Tara says:

    I purchased a ticket, got an email confirmation/recpt from pay pal, and filled out the ticket info form. So does that mean that a badge will be ready for me at the event? Thanks, Tara

  27. tried to register for the Sunday all day workshop but coupon code doesn’t work.

  28. Jill Carman says:

    I bought a sponsor ticket and never got a tweet?

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  30. Cindi says:

    I’ve attended before but cannot remember if taking a laptop is worthwhile. Will there be internet access? Since I’ve been to other Wordcamps I think I am confusing the venues. Is there an assembly before the first 9:30 session on Saturday?

    • Opening Remarks will be at 9am on saturday morning. As for internet access, we are still working on it and will announce whether or not it will be available as soon as we know the details.

  31. Peter says:

    Seeing a post that beginner tracks are full. Confused. I’ve ordered my ticket, but have not seen any method to sign up for tracks. Have reviewed my ticket confirmation, and haven’t seen anything asking me to sign up for a track/session. Probably missing something obvious.

    • The only thing that required specific registration was the workshop (since it requires use of a computer lab), which “sold” out very quickly after it was announced. All of the other tracks are open for anyone who is registered to attend, as long as the room is not full.

  32. 1. Unless I read something wrong, where abouts do you put the “food” preference you mentioned in the most recent email? (for some strange reason, your email displayed a bunch of HTML tags but no live links in my OSX Mac Mail).
    2. Can I ride my folding bike and stick in in a corner? I am guessing yes, but just checking.
    Thank you!

    • The food preference is in your attendee profile. You should have received that link by email at the time you purchased your ticket. As for personal belongings, we do not have an area or staff to watch attendee belongings, so we cannot be responsible for them.

  33. Jill Carman says:

    Do we bring laptop to this event?