WordCamp NYC is a community-driven conference, organized by volunteers with assistance from the WordPress Foundation. Many many volunteers work in advance of the event, at the event, and after the event to make it all happen.

That said, these are the folks who form the core organizing committee for WordCamp NYC 2012. You can also follow the team on twitter. *

Tim Beckett

Tim Beckett has been using WordPress for a couple of years, and comes to web development from a background in writing and documentary TV. He is a WordPress enthusiast, and develops custom-built media/publishing orientated sites exclusively on the WordPress platform. Tim is interested in all aspects of WordPress and front-end development, as well as typography and design. Originally from Canada, after 20 years of living part-time in New York City, he recently made the jump to full-time and became a proud Canadian – American.”

Steve Bruner

Steve Bruner is the CEO of SlipFire LLC, a New York City based WordPress development studio. His first taste of HTML was over 14 years ago when he built his first “website” and used Mosaic to create in-store kiosks. Years later, he discovered and embraced open-source technologies, and has been a strong proponent of WordPress ever since. When he’s not working with clients, Steve runs the WordPress NYC Meetup.

Andrew Christian

A self-described WordPress enthusiast, Andrew has been directly involved in the WordPress community in New York for about three years, since moving here from Washington, DC. He volunteered at the previous two WordCamp NYC’s (in 2009 and 2010) and has volunteered at nearly every WordPress NYC meetup since then. He has also organized a New York WordPress “Genius Bar”. Andrew has been using WordPress since version 1.0.2, way back in March 2004.

Kevin Cristiano

Kevin Cristiano has been working with WordPress since 2005. He spent many years working on MSSQL databases before finding WordPress. Kevin became involved with the WordPress Community by volunteering at WordCamp NYC in 2009. He now develops and consults on WordPress with clients primarily in the non-profit and publishing related industries.

Krista Gonzalez

Krista Gonzalez is an independent web consultant and affiliate marketer who assists small businesses and individuals by using WordPress to create custom solutions that enhance their professional image. Ever since her first installation of WP in 2008 she has been sharing her love of WP with everyone she encounters. As a native New Yorker from Brooklyn, her local contributions include assisting with, participating in the WordCamp NYC logo design contest in 2009, and volunteering for some graphic design tasks in 2010, and is excited to help contribute to another memorable event.

Rindy Portfolio

Rindy Portfolio is a front-end web developer and writer specializing in the creation and maintenance of WordPress websites. He’s a regular at the WPNYC MeetUp, and yes, that is seriously his name.

Dana Skallman

Dana Skallman came to WordPress by way of tinkering with the outer-space of the internet and all the possibilities it holds for communicating, archiving information and displaying what’s of interest to people. It wasn’t long before she realized that her zeal for promoting equitable access to technology, without big business-reliance, lies in working with free/libre/open source software. It was a hobby that quickly spiraled into Glocal Web/Tech, a collective that builds web-based organizational infrastructure and provides ongoing support. Dana enjoys applying her techie skills to simplify technologies for individuals and organizations. She provides project work that plugs in various phases of technology uses.

* This intro is plagiarized from the WordCamp Boston 2011 site because they did such a good job.

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  1. Chris says:

    RE: Bronze Sponsorship

    Hi, would you accept international sponsorships? Im based in the UK, but would be interested in sponsoring your WordCamp event.

    Let me know either way


    • Hi, Chris. Unfortunately, we no longer need sponsorship at that level. You are still welcome to buy an Individual Sponsor Ticket if you are able to make it to the event.

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  3. Mike Sneed says:

    Great work guys!!!

    All best,