10% Discount at Hilton Family Hotels

Whether traveling from near or far, we want to make sure your trip to the big apple goes as smoothly as possible. Be sure to check out the Location & Transportation page for more information on where the event will be held and how to get there.

For our out-of-town attendees, we are pleased to announce that Hilton Family Hotels has extended an exclusive 10% discount to WordCamp New York City attendees at 7 prime Manhattan locations! If this is your first time visiting NYC, you should add an extra day before and/or after the event to enjoy some local attractions before heading back home. This offer is valid through June 13, but don’t wait, find out which locations and book now!

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One Response to 10% Discount at Hilton Family Hotels

  1. David Narong says:

    It is really great news. Hilton is quality guarantee. Best hotel for the best price! Thank you.